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Set in Stone

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Set in Stone

One of my favorite places to wander ‘with Basset’ is the local cemetery as it is pretty old and borders on lots of countryside, the last couple of times I have been there the local crows have been out in force and I have bemoaned the fact that I had no camera with me.  This week camera in hand hoping for some totally cliché shots and there was not a one – restraining the urge to thrash some gladioli and muttering Smiths lyrics I decided  instead to revisit an old love of mine the beautiful carved stonework found on the older gravestones.

So here we have tactile weathered spirals, fronds and flowers, celtic knots and elegant scripts with apologies for my poor photography.


Corvidae Love

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Today I have {mostly} been revisiting lots of my favorite illustrators sites, and  I know I have waxed lyrical over Jeremy Hush before …but …look at his latest works… much Corvidae love!!!!!

Copyright Jeremy Hush

Hi-Fructose magazine wrote a piece on the “Clamour of Rooks” exhibition at the Articulated Gallery  where these pieces are from which is beautifully illustrated with more of his work.

Today I’m Mostly…

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wallowing in the stunning wildlife photography of  Vincent Munier

This book [Vincent Munier and Lysiane Ganousse] is particularly beautiful. 

livre white nature

“White Nature is the product of Vincent’s desire to seek out images in inclement weather
and rough places in mist and snow. He is deeply fascinated by snowy white landscapes.
For him white is not just a colour but the sum of all existing colours. White is not just
a cover but a whole world in itself, where you can find small signs of life
in the most unexpected places”.

Today I’m Mostly…..

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Wondering how I missed this !

Book Cover Image Copyright Createspace, and Art Jodie Coleman
“There’s nothing wrong with a touch of madness. – Cheshire Cat
In a kingdom that doesn’t need saving, a young man ignorant of social norms is the unlikeliest of heroes. And despite his extreme dislike of confrontation, Hatta knows his destiny is to mend a rift that doesn’t exist.
On the other end of the spectrum is Chism, a young Elite soldier who thrives on conflict. How will this rash, obsessive soldier aid the child-like Hatta in his journey?
Throw in the Cheshire Cat, Queen of Hearts and other familiar characters as they emerge to fill their eminent roles in the tangled ascent into madness of literature’s most lovable lunatic. ”  
Product description Copyright



 Daniel Coleman has previously written a Young Adult  adaptation of Jabberwocky and this is a kind of stand alone sequel.   The ‘Mad Hatter‘ has to be my favorite character from Alice, only compounded by the recent Tim Burton – Depp creation,  this is the explanation of Hatta’s  descent or ascent into madness from quirky eccentric, interspersed with the story of Chism who seems to be his total opposite in character. 

As I have not read this yet I cannot say anymore except a small excerpt on the Amazon site  immediately made me buy it for my Kindle – a bargain at £2.00-  I know I am going to love this and will also be buying a print copy once read,  if only for the beautiful cover art .

 I find myself doing this quite often, the Kindle was a gift as it wasn’t something I would have bought for myself being hopelessly addicted to actual physical books.  But it has become a repository for classics [ mostly free], reference  and books I either just can’t wait to read and so end up with multiple copies of, and others that I perhaps wouldn’t have tried at full print price.   Some of the latter turn out to be gems – others not so much!!

Today I’m Mostly…

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wallowing in this beautiful book…

Cover of "Angie Lewin Plants and Places" Text by Leslie Geddes-Brown. Published Merrell Publishers Ltd.

Forgive my poor photography but I have to give a glimpse inside…. [ Copyright Merrell Publishers Ltd, Angie Lewin ]

This book brings together over 80 of the artist Angie Lewin’s prints, together with textile designs, drawings, paintings and collages from her sketchbooks.  With a preface from the artist and text explaining and discussing how she creates her work this is a beautiful book not only for admirers of the artist herself but nature lovers, gardeners and admirers of book illustration in general.

Speaking of beautiful books…

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this past weekend I maxed out my library card, and this book will definitely be going on my wish list.  I was initially attracted by the illustrations, wonderfully dark and textured, perfectly matching the story.

A Monster Calls (photo copyright Books & Ink Bookshop)
On a side note this led me – as these things usually do – to the illustrators web site, his name is Jim Kay and the illustrations for this book are there with lots more wonderful art.  Best of all he has a greyhound, anyone with a sighthound they love enough to photograph and show off can do no wrong!!
Back to the book, it is written by Patrick Ness based on the last premise of Siobhan Dowd before her premature death from cancer.  My descriptive powers will not do… read this book!!!   Its dark, mythological, sad, witty and NOT just for the “young adult” audience it’s aimed at. 

Today Im Mostly

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Flicking through this book found at work and loving the images, and wishing I’d spend more time taking photographs…I have a definate love affair with Black & White that maybe has links with my retro leanings.

Beyond Monochrome – a Fine Art Printing Workshop by T. Worobiec & R. Spence