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Set in Stone

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Set in Stone

One of my favorite places to wander ‘with Basset’ is the local cemetery as it is pretty old and borders on lots of countryside, the last couple of times I have been there the local crows have been out in force and I have bemoaned the fact that I had no camera with me.  This week camera in hand hoping for some totally cliché shots and there was not a one – restraining the urge to thrash some gladioli and muttering Smiths lyrics I decided  instead to revisit an old love of mine the beautiful carved stonework found on the older gravestones.

So here we have tactile weathered spirals, fronds and flowers, celtic knots and elegant scripts with apologies for my poor photography.


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Book loving, craft obsessed, retro, library working, slightly geeky female. Probably old enough to know better but refusing to learn, persistantly looking for the aesthetically pleasing in life to cheer up my apparently miserable face! The Mage and Raven is my bookshop - it doesnt exist - except for inside my brain.

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