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Duvet Days

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Its been more like a duvet month, but now I have peeked my bleary eyes back out into the world I realise how much I’ve missed.

There have been giants in Liverpool

 From Royal De Lux Promotional Video

No matter how you feel about the ‘celebrations’ surrounding the Titanic anniversary – the image of these three ‘puppets’ walking around Liverpool is something that will be playing in my mind for some time.  The handwritten letter from 10-year-old May McMurray which she wrote to her father, who was a steward on the Titanic, never reached him and it was this that  French street theatre company Royal De Luxe based the Sea Odyssey street theatre on.  Her father did not survive the sinking and a century on May’s letter is on display in Liverpool’s Maritime Museum.

  Image via Daily Pictures

Since last years Savage Beauty there has been a  plethora of  fashion exhibitions at some of  Britain’s  cultural institutions, curators are hoping the  glamorous designer creations will draw  in the crowds.  I think they merit a separate post but I will mention one as it started whilst I was hiding from the blog sphere…

1st May to 9th July

The Design Museum is hosting an exhibition celebrating the career of Christian Louboutin. This 20 year retrospective has an exploration of the design process, through every stage of the journey, from the first drawings to the finished product, it covers his creative influences and showcases his innovative designs.  The most fascinating thing though has to be the  life-size hologram of  the Burlesque dancer  Dita Von Teese wearing a pair of the designer’s glittering creations as she dances.


In the UK we have been plagued by both drought and the same time..something to do with the wrong kind of rain apparently.  This tenuously links me to Earth Day which I also totally missed but more than one billion people in 192 countries took part in the 42nd Anniversary. This makes it the largest civic observance in the world, I’m hoping to remember next year if only to promote  Reading for the Earth, Reading for the Earth™ is a national effort that promotes  reading environmentally themed books during the month of April, in honor of Earth Day.

Plus they use one of my favorite quotes ever on their website –

 In summation – I shouldnt hide from the world – there’s much fabulousness out there!! [ and possibly duvets are evil!]

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