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Eggs ‘au naturel’

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Beautiful isn’t it !  When the shops are full of over decorated and admittedly delicious chocolate varieties of egg  it’s nice to see something designed by nature.


In utero motion created the almost calligraphic design on the shell of this great-tailed grackle egg.

Photograph by Joel Sartore at University of Nebraska State Museum.  From an article in National Geographic Magazine.

There have been many artists and naturalists that have recreated and documented the beauty of eggs over the years – this is just one illustration I find particularly pretty.


“ŒUFS” (Eggs), illustration by Adolphe Millot from Nouveau Larousse Illustré [1897-1904].   Nouveau Larousse Illustré, edited by Claude Augé, published in Paris by Librarie Larousse 1897-1904, this illustration from vol. 6 p. 473.

Brings to mind Annie Sloanes chalk paints – available in beautiful colours like these, and perfect for painting floors, walls, furniture to recreate that beautiful shabby chic, or french vintage look.

{Old White,  Antoinette,  Paris Grey and Versailles}

Her website is a wonderful place not only for buying her paint but she has pages for each of her colours with examples of painted items, ideas and colour matches, click on the colours above to go see examples like this :

French Chevets in Paris Grey

Painted with – Paris Grey, described as a ‘soft and slightly bluish grey’ [ picture and colours ©  Annie Sloan ].

There are also vintage finds, her own fabric, ideas on creating the ‘French look’ and lots of interior and design inspiration.  Also worth  a visit is her blog Paint and Colour for more ideas, and the inspirations and thoughts behind her paint colours.


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