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For those who decided to brave the question today….

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If you are going to do it….do it like this!   As perfect as you would expect from the couple behind  Reinspired Home  ( …and Reinspired Homme )  a  beautiful vintage dress and perfectly styled photographs.

vintage homespun weddingvintage homespun wedding 

These pictures and more  from this lovely blog   –100 Layer Cake –   so for those of you that like weddings go wander!

Or if you are like me just pop along to Michele and Ryan Tanseys’ site  Reinspired Home and find some wonderful things to re-home. 

“At Reinspired Home we believe that having a beautiful home and wardrobe that you love makes for a happier life. For us this does not mean spending a fortune to get the same stuff that everyone else has.”


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