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wallowing in the stunning wildlife photography of  Vincent Munier

This book [Vincent Munier and Lysiane Ganousse] is particularly beautiful. 

livre white nature

“White Nature is the product of Vincent’s desire to seek out images in inclement weather
and rough places in mist and snow. He is deeply fascinated by snowy white landscapes.
For him white is not just a colour but the sum of all existing colours. White is not just
a cover but a whole world in itself, where you can find small signs of life
in the most unexpected places”.


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Book loving, craft obsessed, retro, library working, slightly geeky female. Probably old enough to know better but refusing to learn, persistantly looking for the aesthetically pleasing in life to cheer up my apparently miserable face! The Mage and Raven is my bookshop - it doesnt exist - except for inside my brain.

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