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From Hi -Fructose…Oh to be in Culver City USA

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The  blog of Hi-Fructose [the  new contemporary art magazine] is  a very enlightening place to wander around….go look see!

There is an article on the art of  Brad Kunkle whose beautiful images of  “ethereal females in the grasp of the supernatural”  have something of the Pre-Raphaelite about them.

The Source, 26 x 18 inches, Oil and gold and silver on linen, Private collection.The Source, 26 x 18 inches, Oil and gold and silver on linen. Image from artists website.

Also there is a piece on  a group exhibition showing at Culver City’s WWA Gallery .  Titled  “Critters and People”, it  features works by – among others – Jessica Dalva, JAW Cooper, and Danielle Buerli. 

“The large exhibition has culled artists who work with darkly whimsical subject matter; portraying feral figures, witchy 3-d sculptures and fairytale-sque landscapes.”  {Hi-Fructose}

I love finding new artists to investigate and there are a couple here I will be trying to find out more about, in particular JAW Cooper.

Pomp by JAW Cooper,  ink, gouache and graphite on paper.

Image from WWA Gallery website ©2010 WWA gallery

Ps  JAW Cooper has a blog here where you can find lots more of her wonderful illustrations and art work along with really interesting work in progress photographs for those who like seeing the creative process.


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