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Revisiting my past…..

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before this blog I had an earlier version of  The Mage over on blogger, it didn’t last very long and I have avoided revisiting it.   Feeling brave earlier I re-read my very first post and I am now covered in deja vu.  I wrote :

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Why? and Hello me

Why am I doing this ? I have approx 13 inches of books next to my bed either half read, unstarted or enticingly brand new and desperate to be opened..and Im faffing about starting a blog.
Amongst these lovely volumes literally begging to be read is the latest Harry Dresden from Jim Butcher…….I’ve put it off whilst I re read the series from the beginning again but still I’ve only read the first chapter …because I don’t want to finish it!!!!
and yes (sigh) it wasnt actually approximate…I measured…with a tape measure… I know…sad!.
Theres also ‘House of leaves’ which a colleague has loaned to me….deliberately to send me insane
I presume. Has anyone actually read this without their brains imploding?
Drood by Dan Simmons, a book about crows, a couple of art books and a copy of Chocolat which I am re reading are the top few….
This bookshop….nay repository..sorry in-joke will need more shelves.
Presently I have at the side of my bed a pile of books including the newest Dresden novel  (Ghost)!, and several  art books. I still haven’t finished ‘Drood’ and I am quite proud to say I have not revisited the ‘House of Leaves’, but the weirdest thing of all I am presently re-reading ‘Chocolate’.
Literary rut anyone?


House of Leaves  by Mark Z. Danielewski  

Ghost Story [ Dresden Files ]  by  Jim Butcher

Drood  by Dan Simmons

Chocolat by  Joanne Harris






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Book loving, craft obsessed, retro, library working, slightly geeky female. Probably old enough to know better but refusing to learn, persistantly looking for the aesthetically pleasing in life to cheer up my apparently miserable face! The Mage and Raven is my bookshop - it doesnt exist - except for inside my brain.

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