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Speaking of beautiful books…

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this past weekend I maxed out my library card, and this book will definitely be going on my wish list.  I was initially attracted by the illustrations, wonderfully dark and textured, perfectly matching the story.

A Monster Calls (photo copyright Books & Ink Bookshop)
On a side note this led me – as these things usually do – to the illustrators web site, his name is Jim Kay and the illustrations for this book are there with lots more wonderful art.  Best of all he has a greyhound, anyone with a sighthound they love enough to photograph and show off can do no wrong!!
Back to the book, it is written by Patrick Ness based on the last premise of Siobhan Dowd before her premature death from cancer.  My descriptive powers will not do… read this book!!!   Its dark, mythological, sad, witty and NOT just for the “young adult” audience it’s aimed at. 

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Book loving, craft obsessed, retro, library working, slightly geeky female. Probably old enough to know better but refusing to learn, persistantly looking for the aesthetically pleasing in life to cheer up my apparently miserable face! The Mage and Raven is my bookshop - it doesnt exist - except for inside my brain.

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  1. Thank you to people for ‘liking’ this, I kind of assumed no-one would even see this blog 🙂

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